Sparky O’Hare

sparky o'hare mawil blank slate(2008 / Blank Slate)

Our 2nd Mawil book is a delightful series of cartoons about his super-cute rabbit electrician – he comes to fix things, and boy, does he fix them. Chaos, fun and laughter ensue. Mawil is loved by cartoonists like Scott McCloud and Jay Stephens, come and see what the fuss is about. The book itself is a very neat smaller format (perfect gift-size!) edition with some funny jokes, an ongoing story at it’s heart and some of the loveliest, most natural and vivacious cartooning you’ll see.

“I love Mawil’s warm, lively cartooning. Utterly real, funny and adorable. I want to steal his secrets!”
– Scott Mcloud, author of Understanding Comics and Zot

“Is it funny? Well the answer here is a resounding yes. Oh yes. Absolutely yes.”
– Richard Bruton for Forbidden Planet International

“Each page of the book presents a four-panel joke but there is a narrative of sorts and whilst the comedy is broad, the art appears effortlessly cute and thoroughly charming (once again).”
– Dave’s Comics

94 pages,  Softcover, B&W, ISBN 9781906653033, £4.99


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