Drawing the XXth century

drawing the XXth century mawil
In March 2013 Mawil was invited by professor Felix Ackermann to hold a workshop with the lithuanian and belarusian students of the center for german studies at the EHU European Humanities University Vilnius (Lithuania) about „comics on family storys“. After the workshop we encuraged the 4 best students to continue with their stories to what become later the idea of an printed publication. After one year of work and with a lot of support from Daivita Jackeviciene and the German Federal Foreign Office luckily our little book with 100 pages of Lina Itagaki, Miglė Pužaitė, Viktorija Ežiukas, Viktoryia Andrukovič (and some pages of Mawil’s Kinderland) was printed in english language and can be ordered hopefully now via ISBN 978-609-8122-32-9 or on this website: https://drawingthexxcentury.wixsite.com/comic-book.
In may 2017 the artists will visit the CIB Comic Invasion Berlin.
Viktoryia Andrukovič Drawing the XXth century   Lina Itagaki Drawing the XXth century   drawing the XXth century Miglė Pužaitė   Viktorija Ežiukas Drawing the XXth century   drawing the XXth century mawil   Drawing the XXth century

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